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  • Raven essential oil blend is a cool, refreshing combination of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Wintergreen essential oils. A chilly, minty blend with sweet undertones, Raven creates a cooling sensation and provides a comforting aroma when applied topically to the chest and throat.
  • Young Living has made an update to the US Premium starter kit and it now includes the popular Young Living Citrus Fresh essential oil. I love this oil because it has a great way of making my house smell so clean. So I created a list of my favorite Citrus Fresh essential oil Diffuser blends. These blends will surely brighten your day.
  • AromaLux Diffuser – Can only be purchased in the Young Living catalog and is not available with the Premium Starter Kit Comes with free 15 ml bottle of Young Living Thieves essential oil Covers 600-800 square feet
  • Young Living Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Blends Essential 8 Simple Diffusing Essential Oil Recipes You Will Love Made ... Young Living Starter Kit Diffuser Recipes ...
  • Those of you who have a Young Living Diffuser, fill the diffuser with water to the line and add the desired drops of oil. Do you use Essential Oils? Read more about WHY we chose Young Living on our last post. Grab your oils at Wholesale Cost when you pick up the Young Living Premium Starter Kit – 11 Oils + a diffuser, and $20 back.
  • We call these “starter kit diffuser blends” because all of the oils mentioned below come in the Premium Starter Kit that was relaunched in 2019 (the one with Valor and Peace & Calming). So this means if you joined Young Living and recently received your kit, you’re all set! You don’t need to purchase any other oils to enjoy these blends.
  • Buying essential oils in complementary and complete sets has never been easier than with Plant Therapy's gift sets. We're now offering oils, diffuser combo kits, and more!

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Skin care for your age | harmoni - Today’s Young Living There are rarely times when we’re 100 percent content with the skin on our face. It feels like there’s always more to be doing to improve our complexion: drinking more water, using more natural ingredients, and eating less sugar.
There are many popular diffuser blend recipes you can make. Plus, most diffusers have some rotating light options, which can make them great night lights for kids, bathrooms, or the like. If I was to start with essential oils today, the following are the best starter kits I would buy. Essential Oil Starter Kit. $49.95*

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Feb 12, 2019 · Once you experience Valor essential oil benefits your going to be loving this “courage” in a bottle oil like all the rest of us. It's the favorite oil of Most Young Living Members and I'm going to tell you why. When I first bought my Premium Starter Kit 4 yrs ago the essential oil blend Valor was not included in the kit.
Click Here to Read Why I Chose Young Living! The Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit saves you a lot of money! This is the perfect option for those who aren't sure where to start or those who are serious about transforming their lives. You Have A choice of diffusers, This Kit

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10 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes Using Only The Young Living Premium Starter Kit! Get started as a Wholesale Member with your own Premium Starter Kit at www.EssentialOils4Sale.com - No SS# Required to become a wholesale member and get a life time discount of 24% off retail prices!
The 2020 Premium Starter Kit is your introduction to a new lifestyle free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Packed with Young Living favorites, this kit contains a selection of the only essential oils on earth backed by a Seed to Seal quality commitment and everything you need to begin your journey. Your Premium Starter Kit Includes: