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  • EliteMobs · 物品掉落机制 · 怪物生成机制 · 配置 · Spigot元数据 · Vault兼容性 · 开发版本 · 插件作者官网 · 怪物能力. 机制: 公会等级战利品限制器 · 页面待创建 · 页面待创建. 指南
  • Minidungeons, dynamic & custom bosses & loot, quests, MMORPG progression & more!
  • minecraft bukkit server 1.7.2 Tutorial Plugin iConomy & iConomy ChestShop by icesupport2011 by icesupport2011 9 years ago 22 minutes 5,795 views
  • Update: he finally stopped sethealth madness yay. This is a fork of spigot plugin to prevent it from doing VeryBadThings(tm). It also has a lot of repeated code and other stuff; just a bit of poking around one can easily find things to refactor.
  • There is only one island, and this doesn't work on spigot servers so that isn't possible to setup - you all have to work together The server is on 1.15.2, you can join by entering lobby.escaperestart.com:25593 in your servers :)
  • How to make Custom Entities - Spigot/Bukkit tutorial (1.8 and up). Thread starter CodingDynasty. Start date Jun 1, 2015.

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Release date Tuesday, September 15 2020. Download Create a Server. Version 1.16.2

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...is a spigot plugin that aims to extend Minecraft's survival endgame by making mobs This is the GitHub project for the Minecraft plugin EliteMobs (Spigot page can be seen...
CrispyMiners is a semi vanilla server, utilizing Spigot with a variety of quality of life plugins as well as some other fun ones to makes things more interesting and more challenging. Some of the more well known plugins we utilize are McRPG, EliteMobs, GriefPrevention, CoreProtect, Dynmap, and Brewery.

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SpigotGuard - the best protection for your spigot server. In brief - it's very lightweight packet-based AntiCrash & AntiExploit plugin for your spigot server which blocks every client crashers like Jigsaw...
I do not want to deal with advanced settings. 1) elite mobs are too weak 2) dropping loot too powerful 3) creepers made craters, as from an atomic bomb...