• So, I blew off the dust on this project and finally have a fully working WSPR beacon setup on 40 Meters. The Antenna is a 160 Meter long wire (with 9:1 unun) and output power is 1 watt. So far, Australia has heard and recorded my WSPR station and at this time, is the furthest distance yet…
  • iWSPR TX iWSPR TX is a WSPR implementation for iPhone and iPad that allows you to transmit and receive WSPR signals with just your iOS device and a simple audio cable connected to your radio. It’s great for checking an antenna during a SOTA operation, field day, or making adjustments to your home antenna system.
  • A Weak Signal Propagation Reporter based on a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR Software Radio Dongle. Foreword. This is an ambitious and very rewarding project for a young engineer who is interested in radio-frequency engineering and propaggation.
  • I am a simple enthusiast attempting to convey my love and enjoyment of radio, electronics, and computing 10m SSB receiver. Written by Hans Summers. Wednesday, 10 September 2014 03:26.
  • Aug 23, 2020 · The U3, filter and amp. 3 Watts of WSPR at first no success Well that was a transmitter for WSPR anyway. And with a small outboard amp was getting slightly more than three Watts out so all looked promising.
  • Omnirig Fldigi ... Omnirig Fldigi
  • Rig is a Yaesu ft817 and a simple dipole antenna. The frequency is around 10139 Khz The signal on the lower part of the spectrum is from G0PKT The Martello Tower Group G0PKT operate a QRSS beacon on approximately 10,140.010KHz running 150mW from a Hans Summers QRP Labs kit to a half wave dipole located on top of the Martello Tower. This aerial ...
  • Jun 17, 2011 · The WBR is a regenerative receiver with good isolation from the antenna and with little interaction between tuning and regeneration controls. The WBR has a JFET detector and a separate oscillator for the regeneration, plus an LM386 audio amplifier.

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by George Fare, G3OGQ General. This project is a top band (160m) superhet receiver with an IF of 455kHz. Construction is made easy by the use of a chip which includes an AGC controlled RF amplifier followed by a balanced mixer fed by an on-chip oscillator.
Hi all. I just released my WSPR Receiver for sale on my Webshop. It is a complete one-band receiver built in box trimmed and ready to use. Use this instead of tying up your regular Ham tranceiver for...

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I build the Multi-band DDS WSPR Signal Source transmitter and added a DCF77 receiver to it to determine the exact 2-minute starting moment. This unit transmits in steps from 160 until 6 meters. This unit transmits in steps from 160 until 6 meters.
APRS HF WSPR Return Channel: This new initiative takes advantage of the tremendous processing gain of the WSPR protocol to provide another return path from remote users. Please see the APRS-WSPR web page dedicated to this exciting concept. As shown here, a simple 1W transmiiter can provide a pretty reliable link for very low data rate back to ...

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What Is WSPR? Pronounced "whisper," WSPR was designed to map out radio-frequency "The mode that WSPR uses is called MEPT-JT. MEPT means Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter.
I devised and programmed my own wspr transmitter with esp8266 and wrote an article on it here. I started with building a digital modes simple HF receiver and it worked pretty good.