• À 32 dpi, l’image est perçue comme optimum à 2,4 mètres [2], au-delà de 2,4 m l’image paraît de façon optimum mais plus petite. À 40 dpi, l’image est perçue comme non parfaite à une distance inférieure à 1,9 mètre, car l’on perçoit les pixels. Définitions actuelles
  • A higher DPI setting can throw off where Ranorex (or any object-based automation tool) thinks the element actually exists. This results in actions being performed at the wrong location (much like you describe). You can also confirm the screen resolution during runtime by using the .NET code below in a Ranorex Code Module.
  • Monitor Size and Recommended Screen Resolution. Monitors can support resolutions that are lower than the resolutions they are designed to display, but the effect of text and display on them might not be suitable. Thus, this article lists monitor size and recommended resolution as follows. Monitor size and recommended screen resolution: 1.
  • Apr 20, 2016 · At present, the display settings only let you set the scale to 100%, 125%, 150%, and 175%. If you think there’s a scaling level that resides between the preset levels that will look much better for your screen, here’s how to set it. The trick to doing this lies with the Control Panel desktop app. Open it and type DPI in the search bar.
  • DPI Changer DPI changer is an app (Android App for 4.4+) that can change your current DPI and scale your current screen resolution in root process and non-root process, in just a click of a button, no restard needed.
  • May 08, 2018 · Note: High-resolution support, described in this article, won’t be fully reflected until the release of the tools/add-ins with the enhancement called “High DPI and 4K resolution support”. For the full list of applications, please refer to the What’s next page.
  • Jul 29, 2019 · DPI (dots per inch) indicates the number of dots found within a one-inch line of a scan or print. For monitors and displays, DPI is scrapped in favor of PPI (pixels per inch). While PPI is the correct term when referencing monitors and other displays, both terms are often used interchangeably.
  • The other screen is an older 1920x1080 21' display. The main Windows display is the high-dpi laptop screen. When Acrobat window is dragged from laptop screen to the old FHD screen, Acrobat interface becomes untenably large. Disabling scaling in Acrobat preferences results in simply large interface on the smaller screen (still way too big!).

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The minimum screen resolution requirement for AutoCAD is 1024x768. In the screen shot shown above, the 150% scale reflects 1024x768 plus 150%, which equates to 1536x1152. The current DPI setting on the system is lower than this (vertically and/or horizontally).
Hi everybody, I am working on a new laptop for a week now which has a 2.560 x 1.440 Pixel resolution. I am using Qlik View Personal Edition 12.0.20100.0 SR2 on Windows 10 where display scaling is set to 200%. With this high-resolution display the charts, fonts and most other objects in Qlik View d...

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However, the scaled resolution is 1680x1050. So, effectively, you are working on 1680x1050, but each dot is much sharper on this screen than on a regular 1680x1050 screen, right? BTW: KDE has some support for DPI scaling, but I don't believe you are going to get exactly what you are expecting.
Since they have the same aspect ratio as the next-biggest iOS-resolution, a game designed for the larger one should scale down nicely to fit. 960x640px , 3:2 (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4th gen) 1136x640px , 71:40 (iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 5th gen): This is the same height as the 2nd Gen iDevices, but the screen is 1136 ...

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After cropping but before scaling, it measured 1672 x 1032 pixels – amounting to a 942K file. At the default settings, Scribus would import this and display at 72 PPI, so the image frame would need to be 23.2 x 14.3 inches (589mm x 364mm). However, if we are going create a PDF for print, we want a DPI of 300 or greater.
This wouldn't be the first time I've seen a game's UI scale poorly with increased resolution, and 4k in general has a habit of scaling them down teeny tiny. I's be really curious to look at your computer's settings before all this happened. Half a minute googling "sims 4 ui scale 4k" found me this post, though.