• ‎Authentic Japanese mahjong with riichi mechanics and dora tiles. - Learn how to play: Tutorials and game instructions for new players. - Multiplayer and singleplayer modes. - Multiple AIs with different play styles. - Configurable rule sets: Play with official JPML tournament rules, or s…
  • Mahjong School is focus on helping you learn Japanese style Mahjong, which is also almost the same as the European style (Riichi) and US style Mahjong. It may be a little different from Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwan style, but if you succeeded learn the Japanese style, you can easily switch to the other style.
  • Chinesisches Mahjong: Diese Mahjong-Karte hat insgesamt 144 Karten.Hat ein gutes Gefühl, nicht leicht, Spuren zu hinterlassen.Kommen Sie und kaufen Sie ein spezielles Mahjong, laden Sie Freunde und Familie ein, Mahjong zu Hause zu spielen! Anwendbare Gelegenheiten: Tourismus, Unterhaltung, Familienunterhaltung, Hotels, Freizeitorte, Teehäuser
  • Hi everyone, It’s my pleasure to inform you that the “Mahjong Club du Rhône” club shall organize in Lyon, on Saturday, October, 24th of 2015, a Mers 1 Riichi tournament, “Only Riichi Open 2015“. You may find more information as well as the registration form their site. For whoever also...
  • ""A wonderful journey through both the rules and the spirit of riichi mahjong." -David Bresnick, President of the United States Professional Mahjong League. "The best book about mahjong I have ever read" -Martin Divis, European Riichi Mahjong Champion 2013-2016.Riichi Mahjong: The Ultimate Guide to the Japanese Game Taking the World By Storm ...
  • Club Argentino de Riichi Mahjong, Buenos Aires. 612 Me gusta. Somos el Club Argentino de Mahjong Riichi. Aquí vamos a publicar todo tipo de información, videos, y demás relacionado al Mahjong estilo...
  • RIICHI MAHJONG SCORING TABLES (values shown are points given Yaku Hands and Names Condition/Hand Closed Open 立直 Riichi Out after declaring Ready 1 - 一発 Ippatsu Out within 1 round of Reach 1 - 門前ツモ Tsumo Out Concealed with Drawn Tile 1 - 嶺上開花 Rinchan Kaihou Out with a Loose Tile (from Kong) 1 1
  • Tell us: Riichi in isolation Mahjong began as, and continues to be, a social activity. In addition to the challenge, excitement, and intellectual stimulation, many people look forward to meet-ups for social face-time.

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USPML is proud to have been the host of the 2017 World Riichi Championship. Bringing together over 220 players from around the world, WRC2017 was the largest Riichi tournament ever held under a single roof. We would like to thank the sponsors, staff and players who worked (and played!) hard to realize this landmark event.
Sep 30, 2018 · Free riichi mahjong tools in English are in demand now more than ever. They are pretty much a necessity for the western non-Japanese speaking community out there. Luckily, we now have a lot of resources in English to learn how to play, and how to get better.

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Quick list of articles about mahjong I've written or translated and published online. ReachMahjong Introducing Puyo Beginner Tile Efficiency: Incomplete Set (Taatsu) Theory Important Complex Shapes (Part-1) Important Complex Shapes (Part-2) Yaku (Hand Points) Half Flushes, Part 1 Half Flushes, Part 2 Pair Theory Part 1, Winning a Hand Pair ...
Mahjong is played with tiles. There are three suits of tiles that number 1-9: circles, characters, and bamboo. Additionally there are special honor tiles that do not have numbers that represent the cardinal directions (called wind tiles) and three different colored dragons.

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Each player builds a 14-tile-long wall (2 tiles high, as in other forms of mah-jongg). Because there are 3 players and your table is probably square, one side of the table is unoccupied. There being no North player, the 3 players are called East, South, and West, as shown above.
r/Mahjong/ includes all mahjong, not just riichi. Though, recently, posts here have been dominated by riichi related topics. Those who play the other forms of mahjong may need to post here more, not for the sake of competing with riichi posts, but rather for content involving those mahjong forms.