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  • Apr 27, 2020 · Say you have requirement to compare two tables. You have two tables in same database or server that you wish to compare, and check if any changes in the column values or see if any row is missing in either of tables. Below are some of the methods you can use to compare two tables […]
  • DBMS > Elasticsearch vs. Microsoft Azure Search vs. Solr System Properties Comparison Elasticsearch vs. Microsoft Azure Search vs. Solr. Please select another system to include it in the comparison.
  • Re: Kusto Regex Matches @andrew_bryant do you have any updates on this matches regex issue? I seem to have run into it trying to implement two Sentinel query templates which use this function,
  • Regular expressions are a standardized way to express patterns to be matched The standard C++ library provides support for regular expressions in the <regex> header...
  • replace: #Name of regular expression howdy2hello: # Regular expression - if a chat message matches the regex, it will be replaced by the replacement message.
  • The regular expression syntax supported by Kusto is that of the re2 library. 这些表达式必须在 Kusto 中编码为 string 文本,Kusto 的所有字符串引用规则都适用。 These expressions must be encoded in Kusto as string literals, and all of Kusto's string quoting rules apply.

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Oct 19, 2006 · Hey, Scripting Guy! How can I tell whether a number is even or odd?— JO Hey, JO. You know, just this morning the Scripting Guy who writes this column was driving in to work when he heard an advertisement for a store that sells HD TVs.
The Kusto Query language has an replace function which replaces all regex matches with another string.

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Since the term "Mantissa" can refer to the "Fractional part" of the number for logs, and it can also refer to the "Integer part" and "Fractional part" of the number (combined, without the "Exponent part") for numbers in scientific notation and floating point... it is an ambiguous term and should be avoided.
Custom logcheck pattern matches using egrep, but logcheck doesn't exclude the We have a custom file for logcheck ignore patterns. Today I decided to add another one but...

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with R2 regex, the last test "only END" matches and that's not what I need So I think that there are cases for which checking if a lookaround is successful is so useful. Otherwise, please give me another regex that works for my problem (maybe it exists one, I'm not a regex guru ^^).