• Rahu Ketu are forever retrograde and you can read about them in the Rahu Ketu article on the website or my book Lunar Nodes- Crisis and Redemption. click for rahu ketu article. Retrogrades and Stationary Motions. Even if you do not have natal planets in retrograde, you can experience them during their retrograde transit.
  • The native after completion of MCA, went to Australia for further studies during August 2004. During that time, the Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn period was going on. It means Rahu’s major period, Jupiter’s antardasa and Saturn’s vidasa period. Rahu is indicating contacts with foreigners. Saturn being 9th lord is indicating long travel.
  • I would give you a sample how it does- Rahu in the first house would create fears, imaginations and also unnecessary speculations of the mind. One would start thinking negative when actually in real there is nothing so.
  • In 1345, Narva gained town rights. Before second world war, the city had a beautiful old town, but it was destroyed by Soviet Union which occupied Estonia. Today, Narva has typical residential blocks and huge industrial zone. The city is important, because here are Estonia's powerplants and its also one of the transit-centres between E.U. and ...
  • Rahu Transit March 2019, for Virgo Moon sign & Ascendant Rahu gets Transit in 10th House of Career Fame, Name & Positiion. Yıl önce. Rahu-Ketu Transit: Be Focused, Improve & Conquer Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs on March 7, 2019 and create ...
  • Rahu shows the unfulfilled desires from the past and Ketu shows what you left in the past. Rahu Ketu Transit has a great impact on a person life. On the 7th March 2019, a significant astrological shift will happen: Rahu is going to transit into Gemini and Ketu will transit into Sagittarius. and remains there up to 23rd September 2020.
  • rahu transit in 2004, Results of Jupiter transit over sixth house for Simha Rashi people Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Leo. It spans the 120-150th degree of the Tropical zodiac.
  • Both Rahu and Ketu have no substance and are physically non-existent. Yet their influence is full of potency and spiritual significance. Their transits play an important role in our lives. A full transit cycle of Rahu-Ketu lasts 18 years. Rahu-Ketu transit through each rashi axis for a period of 18 months.

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When Rahu transits Cancer, it is Transit Rahu through Natal 3rd House. Note : Houses are counted counter-clockwise as Rahu transits in retrograde motion. Transit Rahu through Natal 2nd House : Attempts will be made to make money from current trends. Benefits through legacy, gifts or heredity.
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Rahu Ketu Transit Aquarius Rahu will be transiting the 4th House and Ketu will be transiting the 10th House from your moon-sign Aquarius. 4th House indicates the aspects of the family (mother), vehicles, domestic peace, comforts, higher education, immovable properties, i.e. land, property, and real estate. 10th House symbolizes profession ...

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The transit of Rahu in any house has a special importance since Rahu stays in one sign for one and a half years. Rahu passes through all the 27 Nakshatras during its transit. It stays in one Nakshatra for about 240 days which means that it stays in each phase of a Nakshatra for 60 days.
Die Brücke - Transit in den Tod. Die Brücke - Transit in den Tod. Derzeit nicht verfügbar. Die schwedisch-dänische Kultserie.