• The porting and polishing process is broadly the same for all cylinder heads. Below we will provide an easy guide to port and polish cylinder heads properly, safely, and efficiently. However, please keep in mind that everything suggested in this article is performed at your own risk.
  • Designed for street high performance use, and are interchangeable with original equipment cylinder heads. These heads retain an exhaust crossover passage and are street legal replacement parts.Performer RPM Cylinder HeadChamber Size 72cc. Bare SingleCNC Ported For Use w/Pontiac 389-455
  • 1 Pair of Complete GMM CNC Ported L76 L77 L98 LS3 Heads - Change Over (Limited Stocks) What you get CNC ported intake and exhaust port ultra sonic process 16 valves ground 8 intake valve seats... Add to Cart
  • Jun 28, 2009 · Porting and polishing was a fascination and a mystery. Although he was successful doing it, it was too much hard work, and too much mystery until he attended and graduated from Mondello Technical School. Dr. Denny was personally trained and certified by Joe Mondello himself. Joe issued Denny a P.H.D., a Porting Head Doctor. The name stuck.
  • Designer of the Pontiac Tiger heads released in 2003 (Read more about the Pontiac Tiger Heads on High Performance Pontiac Magazine). Blueprint oil pump - In addition, port match the pump to block oil feed port. Radius oil ports - Prevent sheering and turbulence which can cause foaming of the oil.
  • Apr 19, 2015 · 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.7L LT1 ... Head Unit - Kenwood Kdc-2025 ... That's one of the differences between sealed and ported boxes. In a ported box, the port ...
  • Apr 29, 2019 · Pontiac had its Ram Air line of performance V-8s, but the best of that bunch never truly got its moment to shine. Most Pontiac engines were limited by cylinder heads that used D-shaped exhaust ports, with the front and rear combustion chambers and their corresponding valves and ports mirrored in the middle, just like a small-block Chevy ...
  • D-Port Exhaust Heads For Pontiacs. Can A Pontiac V-8 Designed In The '50s And Obsolete Since The Late '70s Benefit From Modern Cylinder-Head Edelbrock patterned its Performer RPM aluminum Pontiac cylinder heads on Pontiac's '69-'70 Ram Air IV casting, which used the round-port flange.

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That honestly doesn't look like a bad job. Then again, I don't know what the 2V heads are supposed to look like. I have personally ported the head on a few of my race quads and bikes, mostly just touch-up work. Comparing my port job to a professionals was needless to say, an eye opening experience. One that I tried to replicate and failed ...
These factory heads when treated to RaceKrafters' porting expertise and state-of-the-art equipment produced stunning results. Recognizing that the Pontiac community had varied needs, Edelbrock created a replacement D-port cylinder head a couple of years ago.

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Yeah, the 210HP 327 heads are definitely 1.72/1.50 valve heads with puny ports. You might get a few horses by porting them but, myself, I wouldn't really spend the time. Even if you started with a higher-perf 327 head like a 461, you can't really expect to gain much over 10HP with minor porting and polishing.
Pontiac 400 Ram Air II/IV & 455 HO, Ram Air II, Super Duty with round port heads (1968-1974) ARP 190-3601 High Performance Cylinder Head Bolts, Hex Head.

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To port match, you scribe the outline of the port from the gasket on the surface of both the head and the manifold, and then grind the entire port up and out to that point. Just short of all out porting is to have the heads bowl ported to a distance of about 1" just down from the valve seat and blended into the port runners the basic idea is to ...
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