• 3/8-16 heli-coil kit heli-coil tap, insert tool, and inserts. repair stripped threads in quick change nose.
  • Oct 31, 2016 · Let’s say that the rounded-off bolts or screws are spinning, but not coming out because the threads are damaged. A quick way to get the bolt back to the good part of the threads is to wedge a small screwdriver or flat blade between the part and the bolt, nut, or screw head. Apply pressure to push the bolt out and unthread it. This works miracles.
  • Aug 07, 2014 · Head Bolts or Studs. The OEM LS1 and LS6 feature two different length hex-head cylinder head bolts (11mm x 100mm and 11mm x 155mm); later LS2, LS7, LS3 and L92 engines use only the 11mm x 100mm head bolt length, due to the thread depth differences in the blocks. LS9 blocks feature 12mm diameter bolts.
  • the head threads are clean. A thread forming tool should be run through the head bolt holes on used blocks. Photo 12. NOTES: OSHA Always use approved protective equipment for sight, hearing, breathing, and hands while machining or using chemicals.
  • One of the head bolts stripped out the 12 mm triple-square head. Recommendations? Try to drill it... Stripped Head Bolt. Jump to Latest Follow.
  • Fel-Pro 03-04 Cobra Head Gasket Set [HS26187PT] - $264.50 : Performance Parts - Ford Mustang - Cobra - Dodge Viper - Chevy Corvette - C6 - LS1 Here is the kit you need, if you shop around you may find a little cheaper. it does not come with new head bolts though. Make sure that you get the torque specs for the bolts, and torque sequence.
  • Nov 19, 2008 · If the threads are pulled/stripped out from the block then you can drill the block and use some "Timeserts" or "Helicoil" for the repair. Unfortunately if the block is actually broken/cracked the only way to fix it is with a replacement block. It is cas iron and can't be welded. If you feel my answer was helpful, please click the ACCEPT button.
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Bolts weren't safety wired and I had no idea that was something that had to be checked. Car is my father's and I just don't know Fords like I do LSXs. February (2012)- Catastrophic failure on the back straight of VIR at top of 4th gear; no warnings, oil pressure fine.
The clutch & flywheel were replaced with brand new pieces to go along with a new GM Performance Parts slave & master cylinder assembly which operates the clutch flawlessly & with very little pedal effort. The shifter is a unit by Pro 5.0 & is extremely precise. The rear end has been upgraded to a GM 8.5" 10 bolt with positraction.

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Dec 05, 2014 · For your 7/16 x 14 head bolts, the cleaning tap is PN 911-0004. This is expensive, but considering the alternative of installing several more Heli-Coil inserts into your block, the cost doesn’t seem so bad. I would also warn against using stock head bolts and I certainly avoid no-name “high performance” Grade 8 head bolts. Many years ago ...
Oct 04, 2017 · The head wasn’t in very good shape from a previous “repair” job. The retaining bolts for two of the injector retainers had broken off in the head and instead of removing the broken bolts, the previous repairer had just ground the bolts off flush with the head and used the valve cover holes instead.

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