• Starting out as an assistant animator at the Walt Disney studios, John Dehner went on to work as a professional pianist, Army publicist, and radio journalist. From 1944 until the end of big-time radio in the early '60s, Dehner was one of the busiest and best performers on the airwaves. He guested on such series as Gunsmoke, Suspense, Escape, and...
  • In the Old West, traveling huckster Garrity (John Dehner) makes the town of Happiness, Arizona a startling offer: resurrected their dear departed up on Boot Hill. It's a rare show of comic finesse from Serling, who with this kind of material usually lays it on with the subtlety of a trowel and a bucket of plaster.
  • In this thriller, an amorous attorney is appalled to realize that the lovely client (with whom he was smitten) he acquitted is indeed guilty of killing her husband. Now he too feels guilty for being so gullible and so arranges for the woman to murder him so she will get caught. The woman, now...
  • Glenn Ford, Jeanne Craine, Broderick Crawford, Gunman-gone-good George and his wife Dora are trying to live a peaceful life. But George's gunslinging ways are legendary—and unfortunately attract the attention of other gunmen who feel up for a challenge. Directed by Russell Rouse. 1956/b&w/89 min/NR/widescreen.
  • John Dehner (Ep. 5.19 Incident of Judgment Day) Frank DeKova (Ep. 2.12 Incident at Spanish Rock) Bruce Dern (Ep. 8.4 Walk into Terror) Joe De Santis (Ep. 1.2 Incident at Alabaster Plain) Lawrence Dobkin (Ep. 4.8 The Prairie Elephant, Ep. 7.25 The Last Order) Robert Donner (Ep. 3.25 Incident of the Running Man) John Doucette (Ep. 5.7 Incident of ...
  • A gospel singer wants to be rid of his zealous wife. But a murder made to look like an airplane accident does not fool the wily Lt. Columbo. ... John Dehner Cast.
  • Such is the legacy of John Doucette. THE EARLY YEARS. John Arthur Doucette was born on January 21, 1921 in Brockton, Massachusetts, but the family relocated to be near the factories, where his father worked as a shoemaker. Each time a factory had to close, the Doucettes were on the move.
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May 05, 2020 · Dream Wife is a 1953 romantic comedy film starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr made by... more on Wikipedia; 3. 4. 4. My Dream Is Yours ... Betty Hutton, John Dehner.
John Dehner, Category: Artist, Albums: Have Gun Will Travel, Vol. 1, Have Gun Will Travel - Old Time Radio Show, Vol. Listen to John Dehner in full in the Spotify app.

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John Dehner - profil osoby w bazie Filmweb.pl. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości John Dehner jeszcze nie ma biografii na Filmwebie, możesz być pierwszym który ją doda!
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Myra is acquitted, but when he learns that she actually did commit the shocking crime, a guilt-racked Carlson comes up with a desperate scheme to see that justice is ultimately served. With Dick Foran, John Dehner. 78 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
His wife Angela is feeling useless and restless, so she writes a play about her mother and sisters. Angela doesn't believe Parker should review her work, since he will look prejudiced if he does so fav...