• Pitch circle diameter d 5 = m N 5 = 375.0 mm Addendum circle diameter d a 5 = m (N 5 − 2) = 365.0 mm Dedendum circle diameter d d 5 = m (N 5 + 2.5) = 387.5 mm. Number of Planet Gears The number of necessary planet gears k is given by the assembly condition
  • Points A, B, and C lie on a circle in that order so that the measure. of arc AB = 110 and the measure of arc BC = 120. What is the. measure in degrees of ? A) 55 B) 60 C) 65 D) 90 E) NOTA. In the figure, segment AB is tangent of circle O at A. If AB = 20 and BC = 12, find the length of OC. A) B) C) 55.25 D) E) NOTA
  • In the accompanying diagram of circle O, COA is a diameter, O is the origin, = 1, and "IL BOA = 30. What are the coordinates of B? In the accompanying diagram of circle O, point O is the origin, YO = l, JO = 1, and TOY is a diameter. If the coordinates of point J are how many degrees are in the mLJOY ? 5. 6. s. 9.
  • 1) A point P is 13 cm from the centre of a circle. The length of the tangent drawn from P to the circle is 12 cm, find the distance of point P from the nearest point of the circle. Solution : PA OA In Rt OAP, By pytha. Theo. OA2 = Op2 – Ap2 = 132 – 122 OA2 = 25 OA = 5 Nearest point of circle from point P is B. PB = OP – OB
  • circle O from point P. If m (AC = 80 and m (AB = 60, what is the measure of OP? A. 10 B. 20 C. 60 D. 70 7. In the diagram below, PA is tangent to the circle at A and PBC is a secant. If m (AB = 80 and m BC = 100, what is mOAPB? 8. In the accompanying diagram,! AB is tangent to circle O at B and ACD is a secant. If mOA = 40 and m BD = 140, nd m ...
  • The measure of an angle formed by a 2 secants drawn from a point outside the circle is half the the difference of the intercepted arcs: In the picture below, the measure of $$ \angle x$$ is $$ \frac 1 2 $$ the difference of the arcs intercepted by the two secants.
  • a. arc CAB ≅ arc FDE c. arc AB ≅ arc DE b. arc DF ≅ arc AC d. none of these Short Answer 4. Name the minor arc and find its measure. 5. In the circle, m(arc AD ) = 82, and m∠D = 79. Find m∠DCQ . (The figure is not drawn to scale.)
  • Figure 2.5.1 Types of angles in a circle. An inscribed angle of a circle is an angle whose vertex is a point \(A\) on the circle and whose sides are line segments (called chords) from \(A\) to two other points on the circle. In Figure 2.5.1(b), \(\angle\,A\) is an inscribed angle that intercepts the arc \(\overparen{BC} \).

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In the figure below, AB is a diameter of circle P. - 15809218
The length of a minor arc . BC. of a circle . A. is 16 pi cm and . AB ⊥ AC. Find the radius of the circle. Justify your answer. • Journal/Writing Prompts. o. Have students complete a journal entry summarizing one of the activities. o. Write a practical problem and solution using arc length or area of a sector. o. Describe a formula that ...

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2. The length of the diameter of circle O = 2 x OF = Answer: The length of the diameter of the inscribed circle is 10 inches. 2. For a regular polygon of six sides, find the number of degrees contained in (a) each central anole (b) each interior angle (c) each exterior angle. Solution: a. l. The measure of a central angle of a regular poly- 360
Find the indicated measure. a. The exact radius of a circle with circumference 36 meters b. The exact diameter of a circle with circumference 29 feet c. The exact circumference of a circle with diameter 26 inches d. The exact circumference of a circle with radius 15 centimeters 4. Find the length of AB. a. b. c. 5. In D shown below, ADC BDC ...

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The arc length Δs is the distance traveled along a circular path as shown in Figure 2 Note that r is the radius of curvature of the circular path. We know that for one complete revolution, the arc length is the circumference of a circle of radius r. The circumference of a circle is 2πr. Thus for one complete revolution the rotation angle is
Oct 12, 2018 · Given two chords AB and CD of a circle intersect at right angle. Let P be the point of intersection of the chord and O be the centre of circle AYDZBWCX. 41. In the given figure, AC is a diameter of the circle with centre O. Chord BD is perpendicular to AC. Write down the measures of angles a, b, c and d in terms of x. [CBSE-15-NS72LP7] Answer. 42.