• Immersion blender blades. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview. Sharp blades of an immersion blender.
  • A hand or immersion blender is referred to as a stick or hand blender, and this design is always handheld. Though variety is small, there are some immersion blenders with a convenient cordless design and some models have stronger blades that can blend ice in a smoothie.
  • An immersion blender is one of the most useful small appliances you will ever own, and it still amazes me how many of my friends don’t have one. The only thing that would improve upon my current KitchenAid immersion blender is if I wasn’t tied to a cord when I used it, and now that I’ve tried the KitchenAid cordless immersion blender, I think it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Second, most immersion blenders come with small bowl accessories that in essence give you a "mini blender". Since the bowl is smaller in size, food A similar result with chunky foods is to end up with an air pocket around the blades where they spin freely and the food will not fall down into the blades...
  • before removing immersion blender from the blending container. OVERLOAD/OVERHEAT indication: 4 speed bars will blink. Allow the immersion blender to cool down for a few minutes before using again. Inspect the blade assembly for looseness or damage. DO NOT use an immersion blender with a damaged blade assembly.
  • If you notice that the blender is not operating correctly check drive system components like the blade assembly and the drive coupling for wear or damage, and make any needed repairs. Designed for use with Avamix BX2000 and BX2100 series blenders.
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Immersion blender makes smoothies, shakes, sauces, and purees. Multitasking hand blender ensures a versatile use. Removable stainless steel shaft and durable cup for longevity. With the food processer attachment and the chopping blade on the dull cutting edge you can chop nuts.
The blades may not be turning because the blade assembly is not fully tightened onto the blender bottle. Another reason could be that you are not putting the blender bottle and blade assembly into the blender base in the proper way. For more answers visit the Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend troubleshooting page: Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend Troubleshooting.

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In its simplest form, an immersion blender, a.k.a. a wand, upright, or hand blender, is a high-speed rotating blade attached to a handle that you submerge into a cooking pot or mixing bowl.
So long lumpy soups, the immersion blender smoothes and blends soups fast. It also makes super fast smoothies and milkshakes—and best of all, this little wonder The Immersion Blender is my favorite and most frequently used "appliance" next to the microwave oven. Cleanup is the easiest ever.

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The new cordless Smart Stick® Cordless Hand Blender—with a whisk attachment, 5 speeds, and 20 minutes of runtime on each charge—is an all-time favorite among chefs. For maximum power and minimum noise, the Smart Stick® Variable Speed Hand Blender is equipped with a 300-watt DC motor that switches from low to high speed at the turn of a dial.
This handheld blender is tall, narrow and has a rotary blade at one end. It has variable speeds, is entirely portable and may be immersed right into a pot of soup (or other mixture) to purée or ...