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  • 4 | Honda ATV Range It’s important to Honda that you get the most value out of your TRX™ without endangering your life and/or safety. That’s why we also encourage you to carefully read your Honda owner’s manual, attentively watch your copy of the “You and Your ATV” safety DVD, • which comes free with every Honda TRX™.
  • Shop online for OEM FUEL TANK parts that fit your 2004 Honda TRX400EX A, search all our OEM Parts or call at 1-800-253-7667
  • Honda | TRX 420 | Fourtrax | Fuel Injection | Sticker | Rear L/H. 700.0045
  • Honda Engines offers a variety of small 4-stroke engines for lawn mowers, pressure washers, generators, go karts, and a wide variety of other equipment.
  • According to the EPA fuel economy standard, Honda Odyssey has a total range of 462 miles. According to www.fueleconomy.gov , the annual fuel cost for this model is estimated at $2,300, while driving 25 miles would cost you $3.81. $70 is the estimated cost to fill the tank, according to the same source.
  • Our Honda Gas Tanks lineup includes premium ATV products from the biggest names in the game.
  • Lots of methods to use. I just re-did my 200X tank. Here is what I did. Took off the tank, removed the petcock, and the filter in the tank, and removed the gas cap. Duck tape the petcock hole closed. Filled it up with White Vinegar. Added some salt. Then duck taped the gas cap hole. Then shook it around, and let it set over night.

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Honda ATV History 101. If necessity was the mother of the first ATV, Honda engineer Osamu Takeuchi was its father. In 1967, American Honda asked Honda R&D Ltd. for a new product dealers could sell when motorcycle sales cooled off in the winter. Mr. Takeuchi was assigned to lead the project, along with a small group of Honda engineers.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAINTING YOUR TANK Lightly hand sand surface to roughen with 180 or finer grit sandpaper. Apply 2 coats of lacquer primer. This should dry quickly.
Removing the gas tank and carburetor on a Honda Foreman 400. It was not running at all. A little bit of dirt or sand somehow got in the tank and kept getti...

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Our generic fuel tanks can be adapted to fit the requirements of many small engines, and are priced right for a perfect custom-built machine of your design. Please check the inner and outer dimensions of these gas tank caps prior to ordering.
Is it best to use an impact tool to remove the fuel tank petcock bolts? I have read it's fairly easy to strip the nuts inside the tank where it is impossible to reach. ... Also talk about Honda's other ATV and UTV's including the Honda Rubicon, Honda Rincon, Honda Rancher and Honda Recon. Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums. Foreman 500 ...