• 435.28 USD. The HE508T-RD is an open reflex optical sight designed for pistol applications. Features include a Titanium housing, Holosun's Super LED with up to 50k hours battery life, Multi-Reticle System, Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake. MRS - Circle Dot: 2MOA Dot, 32 MOA Circle.
  • Holosun HS507CV2 HS 507C-V2 Reflex Sight 1x 32 MOA Circle/2 MOA Red Dot Black Anodized USE PROMO CODE: HOLOFREE FOR FREE STANDARD SHIPPING This deal saves you a minimum of $80!
  • The HE407C-GR is an open reflex optical sight designed for pistol applications. Features include Holosun’s Green Super LED with up to 50k hours battery life, 2MOA dot only, Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake.
  • Nowlin Arms. Oakley - FREE SHIPPING. Oakley Custom M Frame. Holosun 507C X2 Micro Solar Red Dot Sight.
  • Holosun Technologies, located in Walnut California, was established in 2013 by one of the industries most successful OEM manufacturers.Holosun is committed to creating cutting edge equipment with a competitive price that astounds the competition and end-use, the innovative optic, laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcment and military needs.
  • Product information "Holosun ELITE HE508T-GR-V2" This open ELITE reflex sight (mini) with green reticle offers a multi reticle system with switchable reticles, an efficient solar panel with automatic brightness control, a wide front lens, and a durable titanium housing.
  • The pistol-sized Holosun HS507C-X2 Red Dot Sight provides a large field of view paired with useful features that will help you stay on target while greatly reducing target acquisition time. Version 2 (V2) optics offer upgraded features such as larger brightness control buttons and a side access battery tray, which allows the operator to change ...

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May 01, 2020 · The new Holosun 507C Micro Solar Red Dot Sight is a pistol-sized optic with an open frame for a great sight picture, clear glass and a rugged 7075 aluminum housing. The V2 upgrade features larger, improved controls in the same durable package. It is powered by a CR2032 battery and Holosun’s innovative Solar Fail-safe back up.
The Holosun 507C V2 Red Dot Optic features an updated design with improved controls and the same great quality! Initially I was hesitant after reading reviews that Glockstore was slow to ship and sometimes not informing people of extreme wait times.

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Holosun Technologies has gained popularity in recent years as a manufacturer of quality shooting optics at a reasonable price point. The 507C V2 red dot sight is a shining example of what you can expect from the Holosun family of shooting optics. Holosun 507k hellcat . Plant and animal cell organelles venn diagram
Holosun 507c/407c/508t V1 & V2 Mounting Screws (Battle Werx Cut Slides Only) 4-40 x 5/16" TORX (Pair). Availability: Shipping: Calculated at checkout. Product Description. MOUNTING SCREWS FOR HOLOSUN 507c/407c/508t V1 & V2 (BATTLE WERX CUT SLIDES): 4-40 x 5/16" TORX (Sold...

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Aug 05, 2020 · From the law suit: …the Holosun red dot sights that infringe one or more claims of the ‘541 patent are identified as follows: HS407K, HS407C-V2, HE407C-GR V2, HS407CO V2, HS507K, HS507C V2, HE507C-GR V2, HE508T-RD V2 and HE508T-GR V2 (“Accused Products”) on Holosun’s website at www.holosun.com.
Holosun 507C In Stock. Free shipping in two business days. Deals & Discounts on optics for shooting and hunting like reflex sight, red dot or green dot sight, holographic sight, riflescopes, magnifier, night vision. Get the best deals on reflex sight from brands like Holosun... Scopes - Red Dot Sights - Magnifiers - Hunting, Shooting & Tactical Gear.