• Some movement manufacturers used one lighter weight and two heavier (but equal) weights. The two heavier weights go on the center and right hooks or pulleys. For floor clocks with only two weights, the heavier weight USUALLY goes on the right side, but this varies widely, especially on clocks older than 50 years. If the clock runs but won’t ...
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  • What if the weights do not drop at the same rate? This is normal if the automatic nighttime shut-off feature or the "silent" mode is selected. If either of these features is selected, the center weight will drop at a faster rate than the other weights. 16
  • If the clock will not go for eight days, the lines may be too short. Even worse, the clock may not be in its original case, which would have been taller and provided a longer drop for the weights. Note whether the 2 weights are level at the end of the week – if not then this may indicate there is a problem with the striking.
  • Like a huge grandfather clock, this time machine was powered by a pendulum and weights. The weights were 65 pounds of iron suspended by a cable. The timing for this arrangement was controlled by a pendulum and escapement wheel. This controlled the speed of the cable drop, making it take a week for the weights to fall three floors distance.
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For weight driven clocks, make certain that the weights are in their proper location. The proper position of the weights as you are facing your clock is labeled on the bottom of each weight. If your clock is a cable driven clock and was previously run, it is possible that the cables were not wound up with the weights left on the pulley.
May 30, 2015 · Forgetting to wind any clock is the most common reason it stops working. All mechanical cuckoo clocks are powered by the gravitational force of its weights, which drop slightly with each swing of the pendulum. When you wind your clock, the weights are lifted back up so they can begin their drop again and keep your clock going.

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Hello Sophie, The most likely solution is that the night shut-off is on. One weight is for the time and the other for the cuckoo. If it is on, it won’t make a sound and the weight won’t drop. Also. make sure the wire in front of the cuckoo door is moved and the bellow clips inside the clock have been removed.