• Sep 28, 2020 · Ford knew and knows all 2011, 2012, 2013 3.5 EcoBoost F150s are prone to stretching the timing chain to the point of rattling and needing repair.
  • Rebuilt bolt in quick ratio power steering gear box 3 to 3 1/8 150 plus core. Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by CARHEX1, Feb 20, 2015. Thread Status:
  • 1 Ton Steering Upgrade – XJ, MJ, TJ, ZJ. 1 Ton Steering upgrade for the multiple models. XJ, MJ, TJ, and ZJ Made from 1.25″ x.25″ DOM tubing. CNC machined ends. Threaded 7/8″-18 right and left hand thread. Comes with Chevy style tie rod ends.
  • OEM Steering Gear at BlueSpringsFordParts.com. Fast, Affordable Shipping and Wholesale Pricing - Order Now! 1-800-248-7760
  • When steering gear set to required position, rudder is moved & when rudder reaches the set position, steering gear still remains at that position. This system uses the hunting gear arrangement.
  • steering gear — The gears, mounted on the lower end of the steering column, that are used to multiply driver turning force. It converts the rotary motion of the steering wheel into straight line motion. This straight line motion then moves the linkage connected… … Dictionary of automotive terms.
  • HYDRAULIC STEERING ASSIST PORTS OPTION: Red-Head offers a porting option for those that are either already running a hydraulic assist steering, or plan to in the future. If you choose to make this upgrade to the box (from the drop down menu), your gear box will come with two pre-drilled and tapped ports with plugs.
  • The number of turns won't tell you the ratio. If you have a WS6 steering gear, it's a constant ratio of 14:1. The specs for a standard gearbox is different with a variable ratio which makes it slower off of center and speeds up the more you turn.

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Updated MOOG Problem Solver. Revised steering components have been developed to extend the service life of the pitman arm, idler arm and tie rod ends. 1992-1995 Hummers must either update to the revised center link, use the older part number EC6004838 or add the special spacer PN# 6006711 to make up the difference in boss sizes.

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This Quick Ratio steering gear box is brand-new, not rebuilt—no core required. This 16:1 ratio box is 3.75 turns lock-to-lock, greatly improving response, performance, and drivability over the original 20:1 ratio box (which is almost 5 turns lock-to-lock); and it features a correct 1-piece 39" input shaft and 1" sector shaft.
Steering gear is worn-out, has excess play. Difficult to drive "straight", have to saw the steering wheel back and forth to keep the tires pointed where I want. I can easily find a plain old steering gear for this unit, but I'd like to know if there's a "special" gear that would fit. Perhaps a faster-ratio gear was used on some models.

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Only from Fleece, a complete fuel supply upgrade kit for your 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins. The kit includes everything you need to properly route, plumb, pump, and filter fuel for your VP engine. Includes a new sending unit and float to get your fuel gauge working again!
Im looking to replace/upgrade components of my steering system. I've been looking at the Borgeson steering shaft. also and i want to replace or upgrade my steering box. I have a little play in the steering and i was told it was due to the steering gear box. Ive done the Saginaw pump conversion using a pump from a 1984 E-150.