• All DIP Switches Off. DIP Switches alternating ON/OFF. DIP Switches alternating OFF/ON. STEP 1: LOCATE SWITCH(S) AND CONNECT BATTERY. Locate the DIP switch, configuration switch and battery by sliding down access cover on front of the transmitter case. DIP switch is numbered 1 through 10. The configuration switch is located to the right of the ...
  • The Original Overhead Door single button remote control transmitter works with 9 dip switch on 380 MHz frequency. Visor clip is included with remote. Compatibility: Works with all Overhead Door 380 MHz frequency garage door openers Part number 109130-380 has been replaced by Overhead Door with new part number 111663-312/111663.3801.S. Model 380TR1
  • Works with ALL Genie PRO garage door openers that have Internal 12 Dip Switch Receivers 390 MHz Frequency. Compatible with Genie Garage Door Opener Keychain Remote model GPT90-1 GPT90-3 GT912 and Genie 9 or 12-dip switch compatible wireless keypad model GPWK-12. Replaces Genie Garage Door Opener Internal Receiver model 20285R.
  • On mine, the top wire was white w/ a red stripe. This corresponds to dip switch #9; the bottom is dip #1. A cut wire means the dip switch should be in the middle. A wire connection from 1 to 2 means the dip switch should be up, and a wire connection from 1 to 3 means the dip switch should be down.
  • Genie GWK-12 GWKBL Compatible 390 MHz Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 9 or 12 Dip Switch. This unit from Liftmaster is compatible with the discontued Genie GPWK-12 or Genie GWKBL wireless keyless entry keypad, and works all Genie or Overhead Doors that use 9 or 12 on off type code switc..
  • Genie Garage Door GPWK-12 Wireless Keypad – Compatible with 9 or 12 Dip Switch Genie/Blue Max Openers Genie GPWK Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener GPWK-12 SKU: GPWK-12 Categories: Genie , Genie , Genie Keyless Entry Systems , Keypads
  • The Heddolf G220-1KA is a single button visor remote control is direclty compatible with the Genie GT912 which works with older Genie 9 or 12 Dip Switch style garage door or gate opener remote controls. The unit operates on the 390 MHz radio frequency and can control one garage door or gate opener.
  • <p>Based in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, Genie Door is staffed by experts who follow the latest trends and technology in the garage door business. We do not accept returns after 30 days from delivery. Genie GIDFX5.S Intellicode Open Close and Stop Transmitter. </p> <p>Founded in 1964, Genie has maintained its roots as a family business and continues to provide homeowners all over the country ...

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Jan 23, 2020 · How to Program a Remote for a Genie 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener Place a stepladder under the front of the Genie opener power head. Locate the learn button on the left side of the opener head, between the left light bulb and the edge of the opener. Press and release the learn button with your finger.
Genie (9 and 12 Dip Switches) Linear (Multicode) Linear, Moore-O-Matic (8 dip switches) Stanley; Compatible with: Linear (Mega Code) Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Master Mechanic, or Do It (green, red/orange, purple and yellow learn buttons) Genie and Overhead door (Intellicode) Wayne Dalton (Using a 372.5MHz only) Genie (9 and 12 Dip ...

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Apr 03, 2020 · Genie 12 dip switch replacement only, Not the 9 dip switch. GO TO AMAZON BOSS Audio Systems PF2600 Phantom 2600 Watt, 4 Channel, 2 4 Ohm Stable Class AB, Full Range, Bridgeable, Mosfet Car Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Control
Genie 1-Button Remote Control Transmitter GT-912 This single button remote control transmitter is for Genie garage door openers with 9 or 12 pin dip switch settings. This is a Genie original replacement remote control. This remote control is no longer made.

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All genie bluemax remotes used dip switches to set the code to. Either 9 or 12 dip switches in the battery compartment would tell you what the actual genie code was. In the event the model number is rubbed off or no longer visable, open the battery compartment of the remote to see if there are dip switches.