• Aug 11, 2013 · Have not isolated where all the fuel is coming from but when I lifted the tank I noticed that there are two hoses coming off the carb line up (1 from between carb 1 & 2; the other between 3 & 4) that do not attach to anything; just routed up towards the center of the frame.
  • but this is not whats causing your problem. you could but a vacuum cleaner on the gas tank and it won'tdrain the carb bowl. the gas comes in the carb on top and drops to the bottom of the bowl. and there is a vent on the bowl. it's like trying to drink threw a straw with a hole in it. but worse. same idea. even the needle and seat and could not cause this problem. you either have a leak in the gasket in the inside or a crack inside. easy diagnosis:
  • 29. Basic Aircraft Fuel System. As the fuel bowl fills, the float rises with the fuel level until the fuel level in the fuel bowl is slightly below the level of the When mechanically operated, as the throttle is opened the pump plunger pushes a volume of fuel out of the pump, spraying it through passages...
  • Aug 06, 2003 · When a float bowl is full during serious off-roading, raw fuel sloshes around inside the bowl and often escapes through the vent tubes and leaks into the venturis. Also, with the exception of the...
  • The air valve dashpot can be modified by drilling out the orfice from 0.025" to 0.035". The rear fuel bowl vent can be plugged to prevent fuel sloshing. '75 and later Q-Jets ought to be enlarged to 0.010". The passage between the main fuel well and the two secondary wells can be enlarged to 0.050", which will allow them to fill quicker.
  • The fuel comes out anytime the tank is near full and it gets sloshed around including while pulling the boat on the trailer. I can certainly understand spillage if filling to quickly, however I'd like to keep the fuel cargo in check while I'm dragging...
  • Crown Automotive Fuel Tank Vent Hose for 87-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ with 20 Gallon Fuel Tank. $7.99 $8.71. 4.75 (16)
  • Do Not Run your IP out of Fuel Fuel is what keeps the IP lubricated . 1/2 Minute out of Fuel is all it takes to virtually destroy a IP's proper functions , calibration . If you pressurise the Tank with 3-4 Psi through the vent tube you will find the Air leaks without running the Engine first , then start and see...

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The costs of fuel for operation within stricter shipping and environmental regulations in the marine market Both new and coming emission legislations have also contributed to the interest in gas as an 1 are: 1. LGP service tank 2. Vent systems and knock-out drums 3. Low-flashpoint fuel supply...
Fuel is then forced thru the metering system out into the carburetor mixing passage and into the manifold and engine. As the fuel flows thru the metering well and tube, it mixes with air entering the well vent to provide the correct fuel/ air mixture ratio for all engine speeds and loads.

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If it is not losing fuel from the carburetor then there are rubber seals inside the gas tank that spend their entire lives covered in fuel. Over time these seals will shrink and crack and dry out. Especially if the tank is ran low a lot and if it sits for an extended period of time without any fuel in it. The fuel keeps the rubber lubricated.
This can happen because the fuel tank vent allows air into the fuel tank as the fuel level drops. If the vent blocked, when the fuel level drops it will create a vacuum inside the tank and eventually starve the carburetor of fuel. Sometimes this vent is in the fuel tank cap, and other times it is a separate part altogether.

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Jan 08, 2012 · If it is a slow dribble of fuel leaking then it is a dirty VST. The fix is to remove, open up, and thoroughly clean the VST and all its internal parts. It the fuel is coming out with some force, then it is a bad fuel pressure regulator. (FPR for short). The FPR is labeled E in the above picture.
FUEL SUPPLY In theory, the diagram above depicts a simple carburetor suitable for running an engine at a fixed r.p.m. provided some auxiliary method for starting could provid~ sufficient air velocity to create a depression ~ over the fuel supply to draw out the fuel to m~< with the air. Unfor-