• Twinkle Star foam cannon: this is the cheapest of all 5 for $15. It’s better then the foam blaster but it stands last 2nd. Foam is very watery and comes off pretty quickly. Only value has it going for it, so if you’re on a tight budget then you could get this (but look at next one for $5 more).
  • Meguiar’s ultimate snow foam cannon kit contains both the Meguiar's snow foam cannon and the wax safe and extreme cling ultimate snow foam that when used in
  • PF22 Professional Foam Lance with Adjustable Air Intake and Fan Mtm Hydro. Inlet G 1/4 F. Type A. Horizontally - Vertically Adjustable Foam Jet beam. Adjustable Foam jet beam from Straight to Wide. Over 20 feet of dense Foam Jet. Industrial, Craft and Domestic use.
  • A large pistol may not be a hand cannon if it's chambered for a weak caliber, or simply not that strong. Back in The '70s, a Hand cannon was a .357 or .44 Magnum revolver, like the Colt Python, the Smith & Wesson Model 29. In modern times, more powerful revolver cartridges like the .454 Casull and .500 Magnum reign supreme. Eventually, semi ...
  • Mix between 1:18 - 1:22 for Snow Foam or, Mix 1:600 for Shampoo. Apply Snow Foam with a snow foam lance. Let foam dwell for 1 to 6 minutes on vehicle. Before foam dries, pressure wash off. (Best to use in cool shady conditions)
  • Cannon Area Have fun shooting foam balls at various targets or at each other in our Cannon Area.
  • Suppliers of quality gymnastic equipment for over 30 years, Gymnova are the established experts for gymnastic bars, mats, beams, springboards, floors, baby gym and much more.
  • CAUTION: When casting large sinkers, you must be careful not to overheat the mold. Rapidly casting large sinkers can transfer a great amount of heat to the mold. Using an overheated mold can cause the wooden handles to char or the aluminum hinges to expand and bind.

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Remove swirls left by applicator pads quickly and easily with this foam polishing pad. The polishing pad leaves a smooth, even finish while removing moderate defects to give surfaces a brilliant shine. This polishing foam pad is ideal for pre-wax cleaners. Fits 6 in. polishers. Remove moderate defects; Very light cutting power; Ideal for pre ...
Up for sale is my Vintage Colonial style Cannon Ball Bed frame. The headboard and foot board are solid maple. Frame is in very nice condition. It was in our guest room. Newer Full Sized mattress with low miles is included. It has no unusual odors or funky smells. Price: $100; Read more... Mattress Antique Vintage Cannon Sponsored Link

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Snow foaming the Meguiar’s way is quicker and easier with no additional washing necessary. Meguiar’s Snow Foaming Cannon, high-sudsing Gold Class Car Wash and suitable pressure cleaner combine to provide outstanding foaming action and excellent cling to gently foam away dirt, road grime and contaminants.
Please request the Foam Pit when booking your foam cannon, foam machine or standard foam party. UV Foam parties. We light up the room with 4 x 400w UV foam cannons, then blast your customers with UV reactive foam through our foam cannons.The foam that glows is available from Mousy Brown NOW!!!! UV Foam Party! See foam party. Popcorn parties

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550 foam balls for indoor playgrounds and soft play centres, great when used with our foam ball cannons. Available in 3 colours.
Replacement speaker midranges for repair, cone, dome, speaker parts.