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  • Nov 06, 2016 · Abstract Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have attracted the attention of many surgeons and scientists for cell replacement therapies. Nanofibrous biocompatible scaffolds have been shown to promote better cell adhesion and improve stem cell differentiation. In the present study, after fabrication using electrospinning technique and surface modifications, the characteristics of ...
  • Another word for differentiation. Find more ways to say differentiation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  • Cellular differentiation is the process by which a less specialized cell becomes a more specialized cell type. It is part of developmental biology. Different tissues have different kinds of organelles inside the cells. Differentiation occurs many times during the development of a multicellular organism.
  • For example, if the logic of your application requires hiding user email addresses, you can implement this task as follows: emailCol.setVisible(false). When the structure of your data requires a more complicated representation, you can create nested columns. For example, suppose that the contacts in the address book have two email accounts.
  • Apr 01, 2020 · Cells become specialized through differentiation as the organism develops in its early embryonic stages. All specialized cells initially form from stem cells as the embryo develops. In order to become specialized, the totipotent stem cells have different genes and instructions within DNA activated.
  • Jul 07, 2019 · Example 2 [This example was supplied by a reader.] We have a curve which is defined by data points and we don't know the function for this data. How can we find the radius of curvature? We take any 3 data points to illustrate ways of solving this. I chose the points (1, 1), (2, 3) and (3,8).
  • By Jessica Hockett Differentiation in middle and high school doesn’t need to involve designing eight different assignments, orchestrating complex group work, or turning the physical space into a kindergarten room. At its core, differentiation simply moves all students toward and beyond common and important learning goals. Sometimes, students share a route toward those goals. Other […]

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Differentiation into Th1 cells is promoted through IL-12 and IFN-gamma. These cells are characterized by their secretion of IFN-gamma, IL-10, and TNF-alpha. Differentiation into Th2 cells is promoted by IL-4 in combination with either IL-2, IL-7, or TSLP. through IL-12 and IFN-gamma. These cells are characterized by their secretion of IFN-gamma, IL-10, and TNF-alpha.
May 23, 2014 · Hematology analyzers are used widely in patient and research settings to count and characterize blood cells for disease detection and monitoring. Basic analyzers return a complete blood count (CBC) with a three-part differential white blood cell (WBC) count. Sophisticated analyzers measure cell morphology and can detect small cell populations to diagnose rare blood conditions.

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Jun 09, 2017 · Germ cells, in contrast, must refrain from undergoing any somatic differentiation so they can remain totipotent - they have to be the source of all cell types in the next generation. The germ cell lineage, or germline, has therefore been called "the Mother of all stem cells".
The question, though, is where this uniqueness comes from, and how it can be sustained. In their key 1990 paper "The Core Competence of the Corporation," C.K.Prahalad and Gary Hamel argue that "Core Competences" are some of the most important sources of uniqueness: these are the things that a company can do uniquely well, and that no-one else can copy quickly enough to affect competition.