• Retraction = 3-4mm Print bed = Hot = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA Cold = BuildTak with coat of PVA T-Lyne Print temp - 185C to 220C - Smaller nozzles than .5mm can use a higher temp up to 235C Nozzle - Larger = Better or easier to print. Print Speed = 25mm/s Direct Drive and 18mm/s Bowden - varies from unit to unit.
  • Microswiss direct drive kit. Rated with 5 out of 5 stars. Fitted this to my Sunlu S8, and after calibrating the filament steps and retraction distances, It has worked brilliantly, no more clogging on TPU or PTFE
  • Sep 29, 2020 · This problem isn’t specific to the Sidewinder X1 and is actually common in Volcano hot ends. You can manage it by adjusting the retraction settings and enabling the Cura coasting feature, but you may still encounter problems. The direct drive extruder handles flexible filaments with no feeding problems.
  • 2200 Series Drive Mount Packages. Select a Gearmotor Mounting Package. For End drive conveyors, select a side, bottom, top, flush or bolster drive mount (see below). If a Center Drive or Mid Drive conveyor is being outfitted, refer to the Center Drive charts. Be sure to note if it is for a 90˚ or Parallel Shaft Gearmotor.
  • Retraction speed: retract and prime. This refers to the speed, in millimeters per second, at which the material is retracted and primed. This setting determines the minimum distance the print head must travel before a retraction move is initiated. With retraction-intensive models, you could increase the...
  • Hi! I wonder if someone could explain me what are and the utility have the following functions: FEATURE_RETRACTION & AUTORETRACT_ENABLED. Maybe someone knows any tutorial where I can learn, but I have not found anything on internet.
  • The predominant factor being the length of bowden tube between the extruder and hotend. A very long bowden tube (1m) may require S values approaching 1.0 or even 2.0 in some cases. Whereas a direct drive extruder like a Titan Aero has good results with a value of ~0.05. A good starting point for tuning for PLA is as follows: Direct Drive: S0 ...
  • In today's video, I convert my CR-10 with a Bondtech BMG and E3D hotend to a direct drive setup. Direct drive allows for more flexible and exotic materials ...

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Your retraction should usually sit between 2mm-5mm. The best way to dial in your retraction settings is to start with a 0mm retraction length, which is going to produce a sub-par model. Then incrementally increase your retraction length by 0.5mm each time until you find which retraction length gives the best quality.
The direct drive mechanism needs to be set to counter stringing very differently. No chance - every print shows very hard signs of stringing. I tried different PLAs with different temperatures and also different retraction settings, but no success. It would be much easier to help if you would provide specific settings that you tried.

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Dec 22, 2020 · retraction must be no more than .4mm (direct drive) temp on my printer i 230 and cold bed (sticks too tight to polymide tape Nozzle is always cleaned with esun cleaning filament before changing material and a a couple feet wroth of thread is extruded to remove cleaner or the print will not adhere.
Fighting Stringing Part 2: Calibrating retraction settings¶. Fighting fine stringing is one of the most frustrating problems to pin down, and our slicers provide numerous work-arounds to help us deal with this problem: Retraction and de-retraction length. Retract/de-retract filament speeds. Wiping.

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Wasp Flex Extruder WASP flex extruder is the extruder for materials up to 50 shore A. This extruder is designed to extrude 3mm/2.85mm diameter flexible filaments to allow the use of flexible materials. Take advantage of “direct drive” extrusion technology enabling fast and accurate printing with enabled retraction. Compatibility Delta Wasp 2040 Turbo2 Delta Wasp 2040 Industrial 4.0 Delta ...