• The lip piercing recovery time can be up to 2 months. You will be quite healed up after 10 days but for... I Got Little White Bumps Inside Of My Lips And The Same Thing Around The Penis, Don't Know What It Is It's Not Itching And It Seems To Be There For Like A Year.
  • A numb lip and tongue that is not caused by a food or a medication could be nothing to worry about or it could be something serious. Generally speaking, anesthesia (total loss of sensation,) paresthesia (partial sensation, partial numbness, tingling) and dysesthesia (abnormal, bothersome sensation) is due to pressure on the nerve, impaired nerve function or nerve injury or destruction.
  • On the other hand, if the white spots on inside of lips are painful (sore, burning or hurts), they are likely to be canker sores, fever blisters, infected lip piercing, and oral thrush (common in babies and toddlers but can affect adults too and it will tend to cause white sore patches and not dots ...
  • Jan 11, 2017 · The Vertical Labret Piercing This one is considered more of a lip piercing, as it is actually in contact with the lips and is placed vertically on the lower lip. It goes vertically through the lower lip, never coming in contact with the inner part of the mouth, unlike the labret, that does pierce through the mouth.
  • It might be a keloid, which is a bump made from overgrown tissue or scarring often caused by ear piercing... It could be possible in the lip. I usually apply it twice a day but if that's too harsh for your piercing, only use it once a day. You don't want it to go inside the piercing, just on the bump.
  • For example, a toothache could be a sign of increased heat in the body. Similarly, the emergence of white bumps under tongue could have several reason backing it. In the article that follows, we will go through the details of why white bump on bottom of tongue could come about and how to take care of the same. Continue reading for more details.
  • Nov 21, 2015 · Bottom Lip Piercing Bottom lip piercing procedure. Visit any elite piercing parlor to get the piercing done. In case of labret piercing and vertical labret piercing, a hollow, sterilized needle is passed through the middle of the lower lip while, for certain variations, double perforations are made either on the bottom lip or both the lips.
  • When you have an infection on in the mouth, you can even get gum pimples and bumps inside lips. If the bumps are hard, they could be a cyst that is forming. Mostly, these cysts are caused by an infection or after tooth extraction or a surgical procedure. Normally, if you have a lip piercing, a bump can form around it or on its ring.

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pressure bumps are caused from sleeping on the piercing this is really common and if you keep cleaning it properly the pressure bump will fade after awhile salene solution or lens plus solution is really the best thing you can use to clean any piercings but one of the best things to do withn cartaledge piercings is to do a salt water soak twice ...
It is important for people to realize that many problems related to piercing are not caused by bacterial infections, but rather physical pressure, allergic reaction, or chemical irritation. If you suspect your jewelry may be a lower grade material you could be having a mild allergic reaction that is leading to scar bumps forming.

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One of the fastest ways to get rid of a nose piercing bump is to treat it with lemon and honey. Lemon has strong cleansing properties that drain the area of any and all germs without being too harsh. Honey helps moisturize the site of infection, which goes a long way in preventing crust formation, and also helps soften the scar tissue, making ...
It's an infection due to the piercing. Feel the your neck (the part below the jaw and directly beneath your tongue) at the side if you can feel a small lump. If there is, the sore in your lip is infected. You just take some antibiotics for 5 days. Ü

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52% support age limit of over 16 for ear piercings, but opinion divided over age restriction for other body parts. The British public think there should be an age limit on getting ear piercings without parental consent in England and Wales, with more than two thirds thinking the age limit should be at least 16, and around one in five stipulating that it should be at least 18.
Apr 09, 2018 · Although any tattoo procedure can be risky, if you’re thinking about getting one on or inside of your lip, you might want to first investigate the specific risks of lip tattoos before going under the needle. Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering inner-lip and lip-liner tattoos.