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  • Read Nightmare Sans X Reader from the story AU Sans X Reader one shots by Yusuka-chan with 6,692 reads. happu, justread, sansxreader. I did something horrible...
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  • Прогноз на сегодня : Sans x reader wattpad one shot . Bakugou gets all the girls One shot x reader puede contener spoilers # Romance # amreading # books # wattpad I wonder who was kissing him. katsudeku traducciones Feliz cumpleaños katsuki Página 2 Wattpad Еще.
  • Me:umm sans??? were both skeletons we don't have lips... Sans: oh right... Papyrus:*recording* Me:*slaps papyrus and runs into portal*. Why German? Last I've checked it means 'before anyone else' in an America x reader fanfic. unless you're implying how contradicting a word can be in...
  • AU Sans x Reader One-shot book - Ink!Sans x ... - Wattpad. Wattpad.com Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story I worked some magic in my brain and got a writer!Reader x Ink!Sans. You have writers block and Inky, as you call him, tries to help you through a tough scene by actually acting it out.
  • Au sans x reader lemons and oneshots. I made a nm sans x reader because somebody told me to. Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon Time Wattpad An sorry it t. Buncha' yandere one shots (male/female reader x various yandere) - Part 4 Yandere Among Us Imposter x Male Reader Wattpad Wattpad

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Wattpad.com Sans X reader oneshots []Requests open![] Fanfiction Hello everyone and welcome to my first one shot book.I hope you will support me throughout the whole book.I accept Lemons,fluff and maybe even OC X (your choice of sans).Anyways,there might be some typos but I still You enjoy it!
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If you do comment the soul color, say the oneshot and you get it right you'll get a shout out and if you can send me (IceCreamAnimal) one of you OCs then I might draw it!! See ya!! « Previous Next » Swapfell Sans x Reader Underswap Sans x Reader Inktale Sans x Neko Reader Underfell Sans x Neko Reader Dream sans x neko reader Dancetale sans x ...
Article from wattpad.com. Too Many Sanses (Undertale au sans x goddess reader) DISCONTINUED. Your name is Y/n. You have many unique powers and a terrible secret. You ...

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Аск Персонажей из AU по Undertale - EWD!Tale. 15 выпусков ► 2.588 в неделю. 10.
Fell sans x Edgy Reader| Baddass part 1. Dance tale sans X Ballet Reader. [Requested] ErrorsansXGhost Reader. One shots I can take requests but provide a plot please.