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  • 6l80 pressure control solenoid. Jul 02 2016, 5:45pm. I have a 2010 Silverado with the 6L80 transmission. My pressure control solenoid went out (stuck open). Any ideas ...
  • found this in the gm service manual for doing a line pressure test on the 6l80e and commanding the state of the pc solenoid: Scan tool Line PC Solenoid Commanded State vs actuall psi. None 45-80psi 200 95-130psi 400 160-190psi...
  • 2008 TRANSMISSION Automatic Transmission - 6L50/6L80/6L90 - Cab & Chassis Sierra, Cab & Chassis Silverado, Sierra & Silverado
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 18635 SW 107 Ave. MIAMI, FL 33157 Telephone (305) 670-4161 - Fax (305) 670-4162 - www.atsg.biz The information and part numbers contained in this booklet have
  • 30 Base 14 characters. Control Chamber. Solenoid Valve. Command Piston. Nozzle Spring. Sensor Sensor Earth Earth (Engine Earth) Combination Switch A/F Sensor (Out) Heater Diesel Throttle Drive IC EGR Linear Solenoid Rail Pressure Sensor (Power Supply) Rail Pressure Sensor (Earth).
  • PO753 code on a Durango can also be caused by a bad transmision relay in the relay -fuse block behind the battery in the engine compartment. (relay # 31 on 1999 Durango) Before you attempt to replace the 3-4 solenoid, or take to a transmission shop, try changing the relay out with another known good relay, reset the code and try it.
  • 6L80 Solenoid and Valve Body Diagnosis ... · The Control Solenoid valve assembly was replaced · The TCM was recalibrated · Internal repairs were performed that could effect shift quality NOTE: Fast learn is not required if a GM New or Rebuilt 6L80 is used.

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There is a protector of over-current between electrical control system and solenoid,in order to prevent the solenoid and the electrical component from burning in improper The solenoid fit for continuous duty. Explanation of Sample: If the application is beyond the catalogue,please contact with us.

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Mar 20, 2010 · The PWM solenoid is directly under the lock up solenoid which extends upward into the pump. The shift solenoids and the 3-2 are the ones that would be suspect if any. While I don't believe the valve body would cause any problems of this nature I wouldn't rule out the valve body separator plate.

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solenoid OEM 8040951Y02 WEIGHT : 0.05KGS AM: aftermarket good quality OEM: new and oe U1: used and inspected TE: tested on the car or facility FN: from new trans automatic transmission parts for repair or replace or test, Part No : 6T-0010-OEM new and oe
This TransGo 42RLE-VLP SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit fits 2006 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep vehicles equipped with the 42RLE-VLP, A604-VLP, 40TES, 41TES and 41TE-VLP automatic transmission with variable line pressure solenoid and sensor. For models without the VLP solenoid and sensor, you need #SK 604. Common complaints with this ...